Meet Our Team

Janet Barthel, Landscape Gardener

Janet Barthel Website PhotoKnowing what to plant where and when is always a puzzle. Let our Landscape Gardener take the stress out of the process. Janet has completed the Wisconsin Master Gardener Training Program and loves to create beautiful landscapes. She has knowledge and experience to design, maintain, and ensure your property’s lasting beauty. From custom designs to diagnosing plant problems, Janet ensures your property’s lasting beauty.


Javier Reyes, Technician

J Reyes Website PhotoJavier has worked in the landscaping industry for more than 10 years. His strong work ethic and vast experience make him a leader on our team.





Ogden CMLD 010Fidel Ruiz, Technician

Having worked with construction and landscaping companies his entire career, Fidel has a well-rounded background that is a huge asset to all of our landscaping projects.




Ogden CMLD 007Gabriel Lopez, Technician

Gabriel is a key team player who knows how to get a job done on time. His dependable and conscientious nature make him our go-to field technician.




Melissa Haidle, Business Administrator

Melissa  joined us in December 2014 as our Business Administrator, just in time to bring her snow removal experience to the team. She has eagerly jumped into the landscaping demands with the same enthusiasm. Her leadership skills have been a tremendous asset as Operations Manager in dispatching the right crew with the right resources to the right spot at the  right time. Melissa’s friendly attitude and desire to get the job done correctly has worked well for Craftmaster Land Design.