Spring is in the Air!

Truthfully, many of us are still in a winter mindset. It’s cold and snowy. Snow shoveling and plowing are still actively happening. Spring seems like a distant dream. But this is a perfect time to think about landscaping!


There is much work to be done before the snow melts and the tulips bloom. Maintenance contracts created or renewed…new trends in landscaping learned…beautiful garden plans made for greater curb appeal…equipment and crews prepared…shrubs and trees dormant pruned.

Winter temps and snow cover are signals to plants to go into dormancy. Dormant pruning of trees and summer-blooming shrubs is key to a successful landscape and maintenance season. Pruning overgrown shrubs before the soil warms up and the plant starts growing is helpful in controlling the shape and size of the plant. It also directs its growth and influences its ability to produce flowers and fruit. Dormant pruning lessens the maintenance needs throughout the season, and it just plain makes your landscape more attractive and healthy!

Determining which shrubs need (or can tolerate) dormant pruning is where Craftmaster Land Design comes in. We would be more than happy to take a look at your property and have that discussion on how to improve upon your current landscape.

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June-July Newsletter

Newsletter June-July 2015

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